Episode 22 – Azure the Savory Cheese Tart of the Cloud w/@bendiq





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Microsoft Learn https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/

Episode 21 Man are my ARMs tired! w/@Bhouse563






VMworld 2018 Recap – Surprise Tony! – Episode 20


Ep. 19 – The inside @VMWorld Scoop w/@heathbarj @vtimd @vmikeb @vCenterNerd @importcarguy @vcixnv @arielsanchezmor

@heathbarj @vtimd @vmikeb @vCenterNerd @importcarguy @vcixnv @arielsanchezmor

How to Cook NSX like a Pit Master w/@ALDTD

How to Cook NSX like a Pit Master w/@ALDTD



Jeep Thoughts by @JaseMcCarty – Episode 14

In this Episode we talk to VMware’s own Jase McCarty. We cover VSAN VSAN and more VSAN.




VMware Homelab vBrownbag Presentation with Tony Reeves (@importcarguy) – Episode 13

VMware Homelab with Tony Reeves (@importcarguy)